Darwin Gross
Post Office Box 27798
Las Vegas, NV 89126

October 14, 1989

Harold Klemp
3001 Louisiana Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55427

Dear Mr. Klemp:

Harold, recall the verbal agreement we made together.  You would help me with my spiritual work and I would work with the Board of Trustees and the Corporation International Office to keep the physical workload from interfering with your spiritual duties.  Your task was to give out the message of the Masters as received through Paul Twitchell and myself.  You had time to think it over.  Your duties were discussed in my office several times, and again over dinner with yourself and your former wife, which you agreed upon wholly and without reservation.

In reliance upon your word, I promoted you to a position of responsibility under my supervision.  That trust was misplaced.  You conspired with others of like mind to violate your agreement, thereby failing to uphold the ethics of the spiritual path you promised to serve.  Paul's word to me was his bond, as mine to you.  You disgraced yourself as a human being.  You then dishonored yourself further by dreaming up a smoke screen of lies against me, in an effort to hide what you did from the membership.  You can't hide from Spirit!

Had you accused me of stealing $2,000, no one would have believed it.  However, when you and your associates came up with the Big Lie of $2,600,000, it took in the gullible, the too trusting, and those inclined to believe the worst interpretation first.  Startling lies are hard to shake off.  It is black propaganda and contradicts everything taught by Paul and myself on the ethics essential to the path of soul awareness.  Ironically enough, if I had even taken $200 you would have put me in jail!  You had no facts to back up your story.  The same goes for the other "whoppers" told about me.

Few members today know that on July 25, 1982, I entered into a contract of purchase with Gail Twitchell Anderson for her rights, titles and interests to all published and unpublished written works and sound recordings of Paul Twitchell, as attached.  By the terms of that contract, Gail "assigned to the Corporation in the Care Of Darwin Gross the certified copyrights and any and all unpublished works of Paul Twitchell." Gail imposed a vital condition to her transfer of this valuable property ownership on the Corporation.

The Corporation received custody of the works only by agreeing without reservation to a binding protection clause: "the Corporation AGREES TO PLACE THE WORKS UNDER THE DIRECTION AND CONTROL OF DARWIN GROSS TO ASSURE THEIR ORIGINALITY AND PROPER PRESENTATION AS PROVIDED BY PAUL TWITCHELL AND SUBSEQUENTLY BY GAIL A. ANDERSON." The "Sri" inserted before my name established my acceptance both as an individual and spiritual leader, denoting it to be more than a mere business transaction.  When I signed on, I accepted personal and spiritual responsibility for both originality and presentation of my predecessor's works.

The Board of Trustees approved the purchase amount of $500,000.  The completed works of Paulji possess a literary and spiritual significance similar to those of Psalms of David, the writings of Plato, the letters of the Apostle Paul, the meditations of St. John of the Cross, the plays of Shakespeare and the essays of Emerson.  They are a treasure deserving to be preserved in the integrity of their original expression for this and for all generations to come.  The protection clause speaks to a greater value than commercial rights alone.

The July 15, 1982 Agreement charges me with protecting the originality and proper presentation of Paul's works.  That charge is my greatest responsibility and compels of me everything in my power to fulfill.  Only when I die will my successor in Paul's works and the path of the Corporation be chosen.  This decision is not my responsibility.  Mine is only to train and to show the way.  When I designated you as a Living Master in October 1981, I hoped you would develop a spiritual understanding of Paul's works, both as to their originality and proper presentation.  It was the goal established for you at the time of your appointment; a promotion which depended upon your agreement to assist me spiritually.

The living Mastership is an intermediate training position for the Mahantaship and its overall spiritual responsibility for the works of Paul and the Masters.  That some are able to develop into the required higher consciousness and some are not is described by Paulji in "The Spiritual Notebook." I stated at the Southwest Regional Seminar (held at Anaheim in January of 1973, Tape TD 412) as follows:

"There's going to be a living Master when I step down, or step aside; and there will be another one after that one.  Yet that known as the Mahanta consciousness will establish itself in that living Master for the next 200 years, as Peddar Zaskq said.  It's the highest form of consciousness that you'll find anywhere.  It is true that Paul--Peddar Zaskq--was chosen for the new mahantaship."

Nowhere will you ever find anything written or spoken by me saying I transferred the Rod of Power to you in October 1981, or at any other time.  This I was unable to pass on to you.  I regarded my silence to speak for itself.  However, I did state publicly I would provide you with the same opportunity to unfold into higher consciousness as was provided to me by Paul.  Ignoring that all-important qualification, your supporters began almost immediately to assert you had received "the Rod of Power" from me, declaring you to be the new "Mahanta." Rather than setting them straight, as you were honor bound to do, you led the chorus.

The "Rod of Power" is simply the love of God pouring out to all the spiritual students, equally divided, and incapable of animosity, exclusivity or domination.  In the minds of the chelas, by my handing you a flower, they assumed that it was representative of your receiving the rod of power, which is false thinking.  As you know from your own experience, the imaginary faculty is very great and can guide a person down the wrong pathway.  I lifted the daily workload from your shoulders to help you discover this for yourself, to get your consciousness open to that divine flow.  However, I could not exempt you or anyone else from working through the tests leading to unfoldment in consciousness of soul.  It is the function of the training master to supervise, to provide guidance as requested, and to monitor progress.  Beyond that each must struggle for the higher consciousness for himself.  It is the law of Sugmad.

My good faith and intention on your behalf is attested to, both in my promotion of you and in my efforts to lighten your load as much as possible.  You have complained of the discipline but faced considerably less than Paulji established for me.  The value of spiritual testing is to strengthen the seeker for mastering levels of responsibility to which he aspires.  It was a grand opportunity for you, an opportunity which you heedlessly threw away on August 8, 1983, in an act of rebellion and disloyalty against me and all I represent as Paulji's successor.  This made a mockery of the distinction between what I have received as guardian for Paul's works and what you have done in an opposition gone berserk.  Individual choice is the heart of all true spiritual works and of democracy itself.  People cannot make good decisions when they are systematically denied access to information relevant to that decision.  Let me spell out the differences:

(1)     Your re-writing of Paulji's works is, in the words of Niranjan, from "The Tiger's Fang," "lewdness in the cathedral." Paulji warned again and again against the danger of occult arts; dangers known long ago, the Code of Hammurabi outlawed various black arts around 4,000 BC In defiance of this warning you have interjected dark arts into the works of Paulji.  Lacking the courage to sign your own name, you have concealed evil instructions under the good name of Paul Twitchell.  I am determined to expose the criminal occultism you have planted in his works without so much as a word of warning to the public.

Nowhere do you disclose to unwary readers what has been done through stealth.  For example, the effort to make Scientology a source of Paul's teachings is inaccurate and reflects poor judgment on your part.  That particular organization and some of its leaders have lost criminal and civil cases in which it was alleged they broke basic rules of integrity Paul lived by and held sacred.  Your revisions are blind to the ethics which distinguish true spiritual works.  Hubbard's group was just one of dozens Paulji studied in the course of his work.  In "A Dream World Method," you put words in Paul's mouth never spoken.

Throughout his writings Paulji warns against occult arts used for the purpose of controlling others.  It is almost never done by high initiates and masters due to the ethics factor.  Paul warns against the work of black magicians.  All black magicians use the astral body for evil intent. The astral body must always be used for the positive purpose of life, nothing else.

Instead of 'fessing up to bigger and bigger lies, you claim a familiarity with Paul totally lacking. You have signed an introduction to the pseudo "Letters To Gail" entitled "Behind The Scenes With Paul." You imply an intimate knowledge of Paul, which you lack.  Even if others contributed to these fake "Paul Twitchell" letters, they have appeared under your signature and are only hearsay.  The pseudo "Letters" blatantly contradicts the original text and are a sneaky fraud on both the membership and the public at large.  Both have a right to the real Paul Twitchell.  These disgusting lies prove you to be an imposter.  Perhaps you think I am too blunt?  What else can I say?  You have defamed the good name of Paul Twitchell and the teachings, to say nothing of misrepresenting that which Paulji taught Gail A. Anderson.  Compliments I cannot give you.  Sixteen thousand copies of the original "Letters To Gail III" were printed in 1983.  You had these shredded, to make way for the black magician version.  It was a great waste and a spiritual crime.

You may be relying upon the "plagiarism" accusations made against Paul by certain hostile peddlers of prejudice.  These maliciously misunderstood his works and cannot provide a "license" to importation of black arts into his works.  Snide undercutting of Paulji has set a new standard for bad taste but this occult criminal teaching is a devastating indictment of your own condition as a human being, let alone as a self-styled spiritual leader.

If this is your excuse, it is as dishonest as the pseudo "Letters To Gail." Well over ninety percent of Paulji's work is original, a remarkable achievement for a writer who produced over thirty works in a few short years.  It is far beyond anything you have accomplished.  Could that be the problem?  The remainder is mostly accounted for by one particular circumstance.  Paul included that material without any effort at disguise.  It would have been easy for him to rewrite it, hiding its origin had he wanted it to be anything but obvious.  That he didn't should be allowed to speak for itself.  No one has ever said Paul did any violence to the incorporated text.  It is a far cry from your pseudo "Letters" and their total opposition to Paulji's ethics.

The "Forward" to "Letters To Gail" includes a statement by Gail she "developed intellectually as well as spiritually" under Paul's guidance.  Her statement is confirmed by Paulji's that Gail becairne "well grounded in the basic fundamentals of the works." Unwary readers of the bogus "letters" are tricked into believing Gail became grounded in the black arts.  It is a fraud upon both.  A person with any spiritual consciousness at all would not want responsibility for misleading the naive into criminal occultism.  The individuals and the organization responsible are spiritually bankrupt.  The consequences are extreme danger, a danger which is a principal reason I must write as I do.  Your criminal incitements must be cancelled.

Most esoteric movements are known to attract some unstable people willing to do anything for acceptance and recognition.  It is much more true of teachings that claim the "ends justify the means." I have received death threats from people sympathetic to you and your organization. Other threats have been directed against people associated with me for whatever reason in the minds of unstable individuals.  The recent murder of a television actress by someone she had never met is a deadly indication of what can happen when unsound people come into the orbit of public figures, without the presence of adequate safeguards.  Paul put many safeguards into his writings, warning again and again against the consequences of drug abuse, occult manipulations and black arts in general.  These safeguards have been replaced with an "anything goes" incitement to violence, as I have shown.

Constant lawyer harassment from the corporation, controlled by you, threat mail, menacing phone calls, nighttime prowlers and lurkers near my post office box have forced me to give up both office and home.  I have been living in hotel rooms, largely cut off from friends, associates and followers.  The medical income and organizational protection due to me under my lifetime contract, that which your organization callously denied, is sadly lacking.  Instead you have relentlessly persecuted me for handing you a promotion.  You have given disloyalty a bad name, which is hard to do!  The consequences are upon you, your associates, allies and sympathizers.

(2)     You have conducted the corporation's affairs in a most divisive manner and one injurious to the welfare of spiritual students on the path.  Your actions against me have hurt and confused thousands of members, most of whom were initiated under me.  Your intimidation of the membership by fear tactics, expelling those who have dared to challenge your conduct, is disgraceful on behalf of a once proud, free spiritual tradition and nation.  Your refusal to honor my lifetime contract, (a contract which was first offered to me by the Corporation Board of Trustees in 1974, in exchange for ceaseless efforts on my part and for my writings and recordings), was mean-spirited, and unworthy of Paul, a man of great generosity.  The rapid membership growth experienced under my leadership would not have subsided had you honored your agreement with me.

You have broken faith with many members also, failing to fulfill their lifetime membership contracts.  You knew but did not tell the members how the funds I am said to have stolen were actually held in TRUST for lifetime memberships; a trust that you have breached, not I. You have cut off many members without hearing or reimbursement because they quesfioned the brutally crude manner in which you allege to have succeeded me.  You conducted an audit after the take-over, going over the records with a fine-toothed comb, looking for anything, you could use to keep your chardaes against me alive.  Having found nothing, you were at a crossroads.  It was time for damage control, for correction of your mistakes.  A gentleman would have understood the duty obligatory as the consequence of his own error.  He would make a full public retraction, apology, and offer compensation for injuries inflicted.  That you did not do so then, and have not done so since, is greatly to your discredit.  But then a gentleman would either have honored his agreement or never have made it in the first place.

Every lifetime membership sold included the right to spiritual guidance and protection, all original Paul Twitchell study materials and inclusion in membership activities.  It is a consumer right I cannot ignore, even though you have done so without qualm of decency.  Nearly everything I write for the outcasts of your intolerance is picked to pieces and tied up by your lawyers.  You are trying to silence my voice on behalf of those who cry out for justice.  Your attitude that the asking of questions and other forms of intellectual curiosity express a lack of loyalty to you is totalitarian double talk for suppressing dissent.  It has no part in the true spiritual works taught by Paul and myself.  We teach individual liberty and responsibility of heart, mind and soul.  We have always encouraged the seeker to work with the particular master he or she is most comfortable with at that particular time.  Freedom of choice is basic to the true spiritual works.

Your fear of meeting me face-to-face is unseemly and has much to hide.  I challenge you to meet with me to resolve these problems like men of good will.  You were willing enough to meet with me when promotion was in prospect.  Why should it be so difficult now?  No matter how many falsehoods are repeated against me and how often grafted upon the works of Paul, they remain only falsehoods against the account of the sender.  Bearing false witness against another is contrary to all ethical religious standards.  It violates the Golden Rule to honor thy neighbor as thyself.  Nor can you fool all of the people all of the time.  God is not mocked!

(3)     Your claim to a commercial monopoly over ancient spiritual terms is selfish, greedy and utterly contrary to the universal spirit of Paulji's usage.  The word we had used is number "I" (Divine Spirit) and have held divine significance for thousands of years.  These are terms belonging to all whose consciousness is open to receiving their meaning.

Detachment designates the order of detached masters whose lineage stretches back to the dawn of man's time and before.  You cannot justify the misuse of membership funds for protracted legal battles over terminology which is properly universal.  No one person or organization has a monopoly on Pythagoras, Epictetus, Aristotle, St. Paul, Jalal u'din Rumi, or Kabir, to name a few of those known to be trainees or masters, by Paul and myself.  If your followers look to you as God, they are confused.  Freedom of choice is God's plan for souls equally created in Its image. 

A spiritual leader is no different than any other person except he is expected to exhibit higher ethics and a greater awareness of the whole.  Yet you have chosen to hide behind lawyers rather than meeting with me directly in a dignified manner to resolve our differences.

On February 23, 1987, Peter Skelskey filed a claim in Sacramento as "successor-in-interest" for the "celebrity" name "Paul Twitchell." This is absurd!  Paul Twitchell is not a celebrity but an authentic spiritual leader.  No one ever owned him.  Above everything else, he was his own person.  It is a failure to understand Paulji's life, works and the exacting disciplines of mastership.  You knew better even if Skelskey did not, and he is your employee and subject to your control.  If you fail to exercise that responsibility, the consequences are yours more than anyone else's. 

Why did Peter Skelskey buy 25-30 thousand copies of Paulji's spiritual adventure story "East Of Danger" at the October 1982 Board meeting, in Honolulu?  What became of these books?  Where did Peter Skelskey get the 25-30 thousand dollars to purchase the "East Of Dancer" books?  The pseudo "Letters" make it clear you are practicing the black arts Paulji exposed in "East Of Danger." You have everything turned around.  Paulji wanted a new spiritual age and culture where the mistakes of the past are put behind us.  Your return to psychic warfare is a jeopardy to the global village which co-exists for the good of all mankind.

I neither claim nor desire association with you or your physical organization, for the stated reasons fair use of these ancient and universal terms cannot possibly imply an association between us.  What I am trying to get across to you is that we are poles apart.  If people are given half a chance, they can figure that out for themselves and decide where they stand. 

These terms symbolize a higher unity which no spiritually cognizant person would even think of monopolizing.  In the way of an analogy, I will point out that St. John spoke of the Logos doctrine in his gospel.  Yet he remained silent on whatever association he had with the various Pythagorean, Stoic and Alexandrian mystery teachings featuring the Logos doctrine at that time.  Each spoke from a different point of view, while employing the same universal expression for spirit.  On a less civilized basis many religious groups use the same terms, but fight to the death over who has the power to impose a particular point of view on everyone else.

Anyone sincerely interested in ascertaining what has happened to the movement inaugurated by Paul Twitchell in modern times needs to know you breached your agreement with me, willfully and deliberately splitting the movement in 1983.  This accomplished what the "counterfeit" attack groups could never do, pulling the movement down to cult status.  Pompous "excommunication" of dissenting members is a typical cult invasion of individual rights.  I say again it is simply impossible for any thinking person to confuse Paulji or Darji with your organization because of a few sacred terms.  We differ too widely in their application to ethics and life in general.  I can assure you that any persons susceptible to confusion are not on my mailing list.  I have sent out whatever you have said, no matter how much I disagreed, and they have worked it out for themselves.  People have a right to know all sides of an issue deeply afflicting their lives.

It is your membership rolls that are kept in the dark by cover-up and refusal to let them read my side of what happened.  It is an ethical obligation due every member.  I challenge you to make this letter available in its entirety to the membership without any tricky editing.  You will do so if you have nothing to hide!  Your breaching the agreement to help me distribute the works of Paul, and your calculated harassment ever since have left me vulnerable.  You have denied me my right to earn a livelihood, either as author, publisher or spiritual leader.  It is against the law of God.  Yet there are organizations in this country dedicated to the First Amendment which are funded to defend against what you are trying to do.  I call upon them to assist me in this struggle on behalf of the individual's right to choose.

(4)  When you moved corporation from California to Minnesota you removed an estimated twenty-five to fifty million dollars in membership assets out from under the statutory scrutiny of the Nevada and California Attorney Generals, via the Registrar of Charitable Trusts.  What had been a supervising Board of Trustees in Nevada and California, on the model authorized by Paul and myself, you reduced to a "solely owned" corporation in Minnesota registered in your name alone.  THIS IS WRONG AS WRONG CAN BE!

Membership funds intended for the message distribution have been wasted by unnecessary legal battles; by publishing pseudo versions of Paul Twitchell's works; by unconstitutional efforts to silence critics; by punishing those who question what you are doing against the originality and ethics of Paulji's works, and most recently by the expensive planning for houses of worship.  Such are far inferior to worship at the Temple Within.  The corporation which you and your allies have seized was only intended to comply with man's laws and organizational requirements.  Its primary purpose has been subverted and held hostage to blind ambition, in my opinion.

(5)  The announced construction of houses of worship, commencing at Chanhassen, Minnesota, is contrary to the path Paul and I have consistently taught.  The true temple in within.  Outer temples are only symbols of the Temple Within.  Paul's works are self-help techniques for the individual who wants to go directly to the original temple.  The teachings do NOT distract seekers with outer temples or churches.  There are so many to choose from already.  Paulji and I have taught that which is unique to the individual alone.  Paul preferred reading rooms which can focus attention upon the teachings, but houses of worship, never!  Worship as presented in Paul's works is an individual experience at the inner temple of soul.  It is an entirely private experience of God, the real teaching taught by Paul and myself.  Jerry Carlile had prepared a study for the initial twenty-five reading rooms before the take-over.  They were to have been funded from the 8.5 million liquid funds at that time.  They were earmarked for that purpose.  You shot that plan down.

The new master is recognized because he embodies the works of his predecessors, not because he subverts them with force and trickery.  The actions taken over the past six years against Paulji's works, and against me as their guardian, conclusively impeach your pretended role as my successor, a role and claim refuted again and again by ill-considered actions on your part.  The longer you persist in deception, illegitimate succession and heedless pursuit of power, the more you sow confusion among the sincere, bring comfort to the hostile, and delay to the distribution of Paul Twitchell's works to millions eager for training in spiritual self-help.

I must demand that you return Paul's works to their original state as you are contractually obligated to do, or allow me to do so.  I must insist upon exercising the positive control over his works spelled out by Gail in the purchase agreement.  The Corporation paid out $500,000.00 in membership funds on my recommendation, an expenditure which is recorded in the Corporation's Minutes (July 1982).  I insist you cease improper presentation of Paul's works, as I have spelled out.  I insist you publicly and immediately disavow incitement to violence before it is too late.  I insist that membership contracts be honored in full, with restitution, together with dissolution of the Corporation under supervision of the Registrar of Charitable Trusts.

The America I love is still a free country and I shall continue in my loyalty to the originality and proper presentation of these teachings until succeeded in the tradition of the Masters.  The gates of heaven cannot be stormed and seized by force, as you have naively sought to do.  The experience of heaven must be earned, as have I, and as did Paul before me.  Perhaps my Mennonite upbringing on the plains of North Dakota inclined me to be too trusting where you were concerned.  I don't have an enemy in the world, and never have.  I bear no grudges against anyone.  I don't believe in turning the other cheek and remaining a victim.  Once is enough.  Only the trust can set people free from psychic bondage.  It is my duty to speak that truth.  It has been so badly abused.

I have written openly of matters customarily private between the master and chela.  I refer specifically to our verbal agreement, the one in which you promised to help me in my mission of spreading the message , the one Spirit of life, liberty and universal happiness.  You have dishonored your solemn word of agreement.  You have widely advertised an inability to succeed me, both through a panic-style takeover and a cover-up barrage of lies and lawyer harassments.  These constitute an admission of failure on your part.  You have created a cult fortress.  It was never intended to be a bully pulpit.  You have become just another preacher, cursing those who disagree.  In my opinion, the funds are misused.

You should better be helping the starving, the jobless, homeless and the ecology of the South American, Africa and Asia too.  The environment of spaceship earth desperately needs saving, from the gulf stream to the jet stream, from the rain forests to the alpine meadows, from the Redwood Forests to the atmosphere of our cities.  Yet as I told you at the take-over meeting in 1983, I am your best friend.  A broken trust results in nobody being able to trust you again.  It is another cross-roads for you.  You can lighten your karmic load by getting control, restoring Paulji's works, and making restitution for all that has been done against so many.  It is never too late to begin anew.  I cannot give back to you what yo have thrown away in succession, but I can and will help you start to make amends.  You have only to ask.

The truth of what has transpired must be made known to protect the works of Paulji, the membership and the public at large.  This is written out of my inescapable duty to the works of Paul Twitchell, on behalf of individual freedom of soul, and in the blessed name of Sugmad, divine source of all.  Baraka Bashad!  May the Blessings Be!

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